Hi guys, Sam here, as you are all aware I have been given the ‘keys’ to run the upcoming Masterclass;  50 Shades Of Pain. It is definitely one NOT to be missed. There will be 4 main subjects I am going to teach throughout this Masterclass, these will include:

Fighting Skills is one of my favourite aspects of Krav Maga, which I will be leading you through different drills designed to clean up the basics as well as showing different tactics that can be used to stall and avoid an opponent’s attacks leaving them vulnerable to your counters.

Sparring is something that is involved in regular classes but I will be talking about what you should really be trying to achieve when you’re gloved up and going at it. This portion of the day will be hard work and very intense but everyone will be catered for and you will take away a new insight into this area of training.

Multiple Attackers starts with sparring which is used as the warm up for fighting against a group. Working one on one will only take you so far towards preparation for the real world. People will know from lessons the basic tactics of moving off the line and keeping the attackers stacked behind one another (3 heads in a line) and you will focused on this before being tested to the limit. Defenders will be will be tasked to have a much more active defence while the attackers will be taught to work as a group to challenge the defender in a much more realistic and hostile manner.

Determination is your ability to fight on despite physical hardship and impossible odds, which means that the fighting skills, sparing and multiple attacker drills would mean nothing without the will to survive. All of these things will be honed in the final section of the day. This section is placed at the end of the day because when your body is already tired and your mind is starting to wander you will be taking the last step to understanding why it is a whole 50 shades of pain.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

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