Public Transport Workshop

When:  25th September 2022

Pick Up Location:  Holborn (Square Pig Pub)

Pick Up Time:  1pm (Duration 3 hours)


The bus pick up time is at 1:00pm.

First part of the training will last around 1 hour on a stationary bus.

The second part of the training will be based on a moving bus, allowing participants to experience the reality of threats on public transportation and how to overcome them.  The bus will be running in a loop for 1.5 hours allowing us to go through various scenarios and allowing you to practice your skills.  Followed by a 30min debriefing.

We aim to return by 4pm to the pick up point.

Price £89.99 *

*Non refundable

This “workshop” will cover the most common attacks and threats in public transport, defending yourself while in a confined space or while seated.

Self-defence, awareness, escape and de-escalation strategies take precedent over fighting.  When we are aware, we can identify problems before they turn into a situation requiring employment of physical skills.  We will present some fun exercises and ideas for developing combat skills inside of a confined space area.

You’ll be able to practice your skills on a moving bus – as realistic as it gets!

Protective Gear Requirements:

  • shin guards
  • groin guards
  • knees and elbow pads
  • mma gloves
  • mouth guards

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