Multiple Attackers Workshop



8th of May 2022

Tokei Gym



Multiple Attackers Workshop

This Workshop is aimed at (current) students interested in learning possible ways to deal with different scenarios related to fighting multiple attackers.  From close, medium and long ranges.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding the mindset of Krav Maga and self defence
  • Rules, tactics, techniques and other strategies for fighting multiple attackers
  • How to strike different parts of the attackers body
  • Defences against bear hugs
  • Krav Maga stances and the correct way of moving in a fighting situation involving multiple attackers
  • Defences against knife attacks
  • How to deal with a variety of scenarios

-14 Spaces available-

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White to Yellow Belt, Yellow To Orange Belt, Orange To Green Belt, Green To Purple Belt, Purple To Blue Belt, Blue To Brown Belt, Brown To Brown Belt 2, Brown 2 To Brown Belt 3, Brown 3 To Brown Belt 4

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