Patterning a technique in Krav Maga by Tommy Blom

At the Institute of Krav Maga UK we are committed to helping you improve your Krav Maga as much as possible through learning but in and out of your training sessions….

With that in mind, please read on to find out how Expert Level 5 Tommy Blom improves his techniques in Krav Maga and the process he suggests you all go through to make them as good as they can be.

Krav Maga Expert Level 5 Tommy Blom

Krav Maga Expert Level 5 Tommy Blom

One step to get closer to increasing the power/speed/balance of your Krav Maga techniques is to move back in time a bit. What I mean by that is that you should move back to the day when you didn’t know the movement that you’re training on, start doing it slowly and make sure that you FEEL the different components in it, when you do it slowly you should focus on every key point of the move and reconnect it to the pattern of nerves that make your body do the move.

Let’s take the inside defense against a straight punch to the face as an example.

1. Defending hand moves diagonal forward (like a punch) other hand is moving up to cover the other side of your face.

2. Head starts moving sideways

3. The body follows the head

3. Fingers on the defending hand ”hooks” the wrist of the attacker – defending hand pulls the attack diagonal down (just enough to clear a straight line between your shoulder and the attackers face) at the same time you punch a straight punch to the face of the attacker

4. The weight of your body and the movement of the punch will ”pull” you diagonal forward so that you step diagonal forward with the foot on the same side as the defending hand, think of driving forward with your back foot, it should NOT feel like a fall.

5. Bring your other foot and position yourself 45 degrees to the attacker and finish the situation with whatever attacks you feel is appropriate (yes, you can attack while moving diagonally)

6. Scan

7. Repeat

Do this so slow that you remember all the steps (even the ones that you have forgotten before) to put the new pattern in the brain and then increase the speed of the technique… Accept your shortfalls and fix them!

Patterning is faster than you think, just give yourself a chance to ”own” the movements and it’ll change your understanding and feeling of Krav Maga forever.

Tommy Blom – Expert Level 5

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