Krav Maga Touring and Training in Israel: The Institute Experience,Day 3

Krav Maga Touring and Training in Israel: The Institute Experience, Day 3 By Steve Harvey

Day 3 of our Krav Maga pilgrimage that is the “Touring and Training” started earlier than normal. This was due to the rather busy schedule of the day.

We all assembled in the hotel foyer for 0740 in anticipation of the visit to the Netanya shooting range. Due to numbers we were split into three groups that rotated between continuing practice of defense against handgun threats with Institute Director Jon Bullock, headlock defenses with KMG Head Instructor Eyal Yanilov and the experience of firing a handgun in the shooting range in Netanya.

After a speedy checkout of the hotel we met Avi Weinstein who will be our guide around Israel for the remainder of our trip and we embarked on our journey to Jerusalem. I’m sure more will be said about Avi throughout the blog but this guy knows Israel like the back of his hand.
Our first stop in Jerusalem was to Mount Scopus, where Avi pointed out a number of landmarks including Mount Olive, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and The Rock Mosque. Here we also toasted our arrival to Jerusalem with a ‘small’ glass of wine.  We then descended to the Old City and had a short tour with Avi through The Armenian Quarter, The Christian Quarter and The Jewish Quarter, arriving upon the rooftops where these intersect with The Muslim Quarter.  We continued our tour to The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is the site of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and subsequent resurrection. I struggle to find the words to describe the feeling of being in The Church however I am sure you can grasp the gravity of its symbolism to a number of religions and millions of people.
To round off an action packed day, as the light disappeared, we trained some knife threats with KMG Expert Level 2 Albert Kagalski, in front of the walls of The Old City before some much needed dinner in Jerusalem.  More tomorrow from one of the other guys, cheers, Steve.
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