A Krav Maga Christmas Fable

Hi Everyone,

I really hope that you are looking forward to spending some time with your families over the Christmas period and taking some time off from both work and training…

…But not too much time!

Be honest, you read the start of this blog and thought ‘Awww, what a nice message from Jon… but hang on – Jon isn’t nice, something strange is going on!?’

And you’d be right…☺

I am all for Christmas cheer, but I want to be straight with you about something – it is totally and utterly heartbreaking for a Krav Maga Instructor to see one of his or her trainees make huge progress in 11 months of the year, by hitting their training goals, being consistent by investing time in training…only to then be caught by the Christmas Monster and take so many steps backwards they nearly fall over.

So what is the Christmas Monster? The Christmas Monster takes hold of people and allows them to make excuses for not continuing their training up until the training break.

And that’s exactly WHY we arrange a training break – because we understand that the break is needed for both you, and the Instructors ‘to re-charge batteries’. To enjoy a break from your normal routine and to re-gain your focus ready for 2013.

However the training break is 2 weeks for a reason, as we believe this is the justified amount of time that you could take off from training without suffering too much from skill fade. Of course, not doing something for 2 weeks that you normally do regularly will make you a little ‘rusty’ and of course it also depends how much you ‘indulge’ over the festive period, or whether you continue and do some light exercise from time to time…

So when talking to some of you in the club (some who I have seen progress extremely well), here are some of the excuses the Christmas Monster ‘makes you say’. My question is, are you guilty of any of the following? Be honest with yourself – it’s abit of fun, but at the same time worth taking note of what you say, as it generally dictates how you think…

Top 5…

1. “Well, Christmas is coming up so I’ll probably start back after the New Year
2. “Well it’s December isn’t it…it’s starting to get cold”
3. “I will ‘get back into it’ in the New Year”
4. “Just so much going on with Christmas and all that.”

And my personal favorite as it offers no attempt at lame justification…
5. Well, it’s Christmas isn’t it?!

None of these are reasons– they are excuses! Look, I am not having a go, I am doing what I am supposed to do. I am attempting to keep your focus, to help you achieve your training goals through constant and never ending improvement. That doesn’t mean you don’t slow down, it doesn’t mean you don’t take a break – it just means that you don’t allow the Christmas Monster to set in, to make the training break go from 2 weeks, to 4 weeks, to 6 weeks and then you start to worry about whether you will have stepped back so much that everyone else will be ahead of you, and then you give up – and let’s be honest, giving up is easy! Pushing through, focusing, continuing to hit goals and to achieve is hard. So most people give up – they take the easy route and use one of the 5 excuses above as to why they stopped training and never went back.

I don’t say this to just all of you in Krav Maga, I have many friends who have various physical goals, and I would give all of them the same advice

A) Take a break, but restrict that break to that which is forced upon you – that being the two-week period where you physically cannot train because classes are not operating.
B) Do some light activity during the break, nothing to strenuous, do some mobility work and increase the heart rate a little.
C) Realise you don’t need to eat ALL of the cake/cheese/chocolate and that enjoying in moderation is easily done when you are focused on what you want to be and do.

I KNOW I sound like a spoilsport! Believe me – I am not trying to be – but I know that heartbreaking feeling when the people you saw progressing so well before Christmas slump off, get bitten by the Christmas Monster and then struggle to find the mental strength to overcome it, return and keep pushing towards their goals.

Please remember what I said in my blog ‘Road to the RKC… You will never be remembered for what you didn’t do, or what you gave up on.’ We live on average for about 4000 weeks (doesn’t sound long does it?). Let’s use those weeks to be as good as we can be.

So now – this is genuine! –I do sincerely wish you and your family a fantastic Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. The Institute Instructor Team and myself look forward to seeing you back healthy and ready to re-gain the focus.

If you would like any advice for activity to keep ‘ticking over’ during the break, please email me jon@institute-kravmaga.co.uk and I am only happy to help.

Stay Safe

Jon Bullock

Our last classes before the break are on Friday 21 December 2012.
Our first classes back after the break are on Monday 7th January 2013.

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