Joe Ambrosino Krav Maga

Institute Krav Maga Director and Chief Instructor Joe Ambrosino.

Joe co-founded the Institute Krav Maga UK and has been responsible for developing the instructor team and has a been a passionate advocate of Krav Maga around the world.

Joe has trained and taught Krav Maga all over the world.

  • Started practising Krav Maga  in London in 2001,
  • Became a Civilian Instructor (G3) Private CIC in Israel under IKMF in 2002.
  • Started teaching KM in London in 2004
  • Achieved Graduate level 4 in London under IKMF in 2005
  • Achieved Graduate level 5 in Poland under IKMF in 2005
  • Founded the Institute of Krav Maga UK in London in 2006.
  • Achieved Black Belt status in Israel under IKMF at the first Expert Level Camp in 2007
  • Achieved Black Belt 2 Dan status in Israel at the third Expert Level Camp in 2009
  • Became a Krav Maga Military Instructor in Poland under IKMF in 2009
  • Became a Kids and Teens Instructor in Holland under IKMF in 2009
  • HKC – Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified by Dragon Door in 2011
  • Became a Krav Maga – SWAT – special weapons and tactics Instructor in Russia under KMG in 2011
  • Achieved Black Belt 3 Dan status in Israel under KMG in 2012
  • Licensed NLP Practitioner – neuro linguistic programming  in London under Paul Cosens in 2014
  • BTEC level 3 in Self Defence under NFPS in 2014
  • BTEC level 3 in Risk Assessment under NFPS in 2014
  • First aider (refresher) in 2014-17
  • BTEC level 3 in Conflict Management under NFPS in 2015
  • Tactical Firearms Certification accredited by the Ministry of National Education and Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Poland 2016
  • Became Krav Maga Practical Instructor under the Wingate Institute – Israel in 2016
  • Became Krav Maga Senior Instructor under the Wingate Institute – Israel in 2017
  • Achieved Black Belt 4 Dan status under Israel Martial Arts Organisation – Israel in 2017
  • Became Krav Maga Coach under the Wingate Institute – Israel in 2018
  • Achieved Black Belt 5 dan status under Krav Maga Universal (Ernie Kirk) – United States in 2019.

Other qualifications

  • Black Belt 8th Dan in Karate – Style Kata Shubu Do Ryu, 1983-1999, Brazil
  • Army – ESA – Escola de Sargentos das Armas, 1990, Tres Coracoes, Brazil
  • Defensive Shooting Skills, Intermediate levels certification – Olsen Shooting Club 1995, Brazil
  • Police Motorcycle Riding Certification – Policia Militar do Parana, 1995, Brazil
  • Close Protection Certification with the Bazilian Federal Police in 1995
  • Leadership and Management  Certification – SENAC, 1996, Brazil.
  • Police Special Operations, 1996 Miami-Dade County, USA
  • Defence Technology Corporation of America – Chemical agents, Distraction devices, Special impact munitions. 1996 Miami-Dade County USA
  • ASP – Armament Systems and Procedures, Tactical Expandable Baton. 1996 Miami-Dade County, USA.
  • National Intelligence Academy – SWAT Tactics. 1996 Miami-Dade County, USA.

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