Force Continuum Workshop

Workshop Coordinators:

Paul Landreth Smith

Johna Jensen Geist

When:  13 August 2023

Where:  Tokei Gym (28 Magdalene St, SE1 2EN)

Time:  14:00 – 18:00

What is it?

The use of force continuum provides additional guidelines regarding how much force can be used in a given self-defense situation.  These guidelines usually are determined by individual agencies and states and are, therefore, not universal.  The continuum also might be used in court to help the jury decide if the person on trial used reasonable force based on the circumstances.

The help people use the continuum to avoid using excessive force, the “national use of force framework” was developed.  Although this framework primarily applies to law enforcement officers, it can also be useful for civilians.  It can provide a reference for making decisions and then explaining your actions, but it is not intended to be used as a justification for your actions.

The Aim:

The aim of this workshop is to give you the best approach in regards to the use of force in a self defense situation.  Paul will bring to the workshop all his experience as a martial artist and police officer.  Having dealt with countless scenarios in the past Paul will be able to guide you through the best possible outcome.


Paul Landreth Smith

Paul spent 18 years a police officer in different areas including the SO19 which is our SWAT equivalent.

He was a SFO instructor and involved heavily in defensive tactics training in the UK police.

An experienced martial artist with multiple black belts including an expert 3 in Krav Maga.

Paul has been living in the United States for the past 11 years, working  as a Paramedic first responder.

Last 18 months worked in Kansas City Level 1 Trauma Emergency department.

Helped develop safety systems and advanced techniques crisis prevention Institute instructor.

Paul is an author of 2 books; Sheepdog With a Black Belt & So You Want to Get a Gun?

Johna Jensen Gerst

Johna is a teacher and a part time heads of the emergency response training and preparation along with on site school resource officers. (police)

Teaches first aid, CPR and casualty response to sheriff dept, fire dept and civilians.

Skilled in firearm use including pistol and carbines inc. care under fire.

Achieved black belt in Krav Maga and teaches woman and teenagers self defence classes.

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