24th November 2019

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The “Pre Grading Preparation Workshop” will be a 4 hour event in which we aim to cover all aspects of the syllabus you are going to be tested on and MORE to ensure a high pass rate throughout the club.

You will receive personal feedback from the instructor team, allowing you a further few weeks to correct and prepare yourself for the grading.

This event is open to everyone who wish to attend the grading or purely to recap on your training skills by our step by step method we use for pre-gradings.

The “Pre Grading Preparation Workshop” will count as 4 sessions in your log book, making it easier for those who still need to reach the minimum number of sessions required to attend the GRADING.

Venue:  Mile End Leisure Centre

Time:  1 – 5.00pm

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Blue To Brown Belt, Brown 2 To Brown Belt 3, Brown 3 To Brown Belt 4, Brown To Brown Belt 2, Green To Purple Belt, Orange To Green Belt, Purple To Blue Belt, White to Yellow Belt, Yellow To Orange Belt


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