Czech Extreme Krav Maga Tour

27, 28, 29 & 30th October 2016

Ostrava, Czech Republic

“Czech Extreme Weekend”

Almost 20 Hours of training including:

Close Quarter Combat” Training in a 1936 Bunker

Basic Firearms Training with Live Shooting (Indoor Fire Range)

Weapon Disarming and Retention Skills Training Indoors and Outdoors

Ground Fighting Techniques Training

Public Transport (Self defence scenarios in a train)

Join us to be part of this fantastic event, Limited spaces available due to the nature of the event!

Brought to you by

Institute Krav Maga UK

in collaboration with

Institute Krav Maga CZ

Institute Krav Maga Netherlands


Improve your Krav Maga & Tactical Skills

Thursday 27th

  • 10:35am – Departure from London Stansted, flight FR2368 (Ryanair). (current flight cost £55 return last updated 12.7.16)

  • 1.50pm – Arrival in Ostrava, Transport to the hotel, check in

  • 7.00pm – Indoors training, dry drills and disarming techniques with rubber weapons (Pistols and Rifles) in preparation for the Shooting Range

  • 9.00pm Return to Hotel “Own dinner arrangements, few local bars and pubs available within walking distance of hotel”


Friday 28th

  • 8.00am Meeting at the Hotel lobby

  • 8.15am Transportation to the “Bunker”

  • 10.00am – 1pm CQC – Close Quarter Combat in the Bunker     (defenses against common types of assault, multiple attackers, knifes, sticks and guns). Average temperature inside is 10 degrees Celsius so, keep moving!

  • 3pm – 6pm Public Transport Training (Train)

  • 6.30pm Return to Hotel (own dinner arrangements required)

  • Saturday 29th

    • 7.30am – Meeting at the Hotel lobby.

    • 7:45am – Transportation to the (indoors) Shooting Range

    • 8.00am – 2pm Dry drills and LIVE shooting scenario training

    • 2.15pm Back to Hotel

    • 5.15pm meet in Hotel Lobby

    • 5.30pm – Indoor training. Ground techniques

    • 7.30pm – Transportation back to hotel “Own Dinner Arrangements Required”

    Sunday 30th

    • 8.45am ‘Survivors’ Meet at the Hotel lobby

    • 9:00am – 10.00am  Outdoors Training/Joint Mobility Session/ PLUS review

    • 11.45am Checkout meet you all back at Ostrava airport for 5pm ready for departure

    • 5.45pm – Departure from Ostrava – FR2369  back to Stansted at 7.10pm (GMT)

    Czech Extreme Tactical Krav Maga Weekend
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    JUST £238. 

    The course includes transport from the airport to the hotel and transport to the bunker and shooting range.

    50 Rounds of ammunition are included in the price, if you require more you’re welcome to purchase them onsite.

    You’ll need to organise your own travel insurance prior to travel.

    We will be staying at this HOTEL you can book directly with them on their site.

    Our price doesn’t include flights or accommodation.

    If you decide to fly on a different flight, please ensure you have confirmed your details with us.

    You’ll need to bring you usual Krav Maga protective equipment with you, mouthguard, groin guard and shin pads.

    Due to the nature of the event and international arrangements the fees are NOT refundable and cannot be transferred to another date.